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July 29, 2011


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Sen. Coburn and Rep. Lankford have proposed that states be allowed to opt out of the federal highway programs/system and keep the huge tax levied at the gas pump to do with as they see fit, not fight to get it back from the feds.

The significance of this concept was probably lost on the journalist that included this blurb in our local paper or they would not have included it in our local paper.  What they are recommending is simple:  secession.  That’s right, I said it.  Let me state what they are proposing in different terms:  “..we folks down here in Oklahoma think that we can do a better job on our own without the help/influence/expertise/brilliance/infallability/bureaucracy/corruption/graft …ok…I could go on…of our federal government.”  Get that?  “We are better off without you, Uncle Sam.”  This proposal you say only pertains to roads and bridges, though.  Yes.  But how can you not think that maybe this concept is valid for other areas of government?  How about schools?  Are Oklahoma schools better for the influence/graft/corruption..ok I’ll stop there…of the feds?  The governors of Utah and Virginia have adopted a gold-backed currency, basically seceeding from the U.S. dollar!

Sen. Coburn and Rep. Lankford need to be careful with this idea.  This could solve the budget crisis!  How about no longer paying Medicare or Social Security Taxes to the feds and dismantling these Ponzi schemes over time at the state level (see my previous blog on this)?  After all, is Oklahoma a state or a colony?  If we keep the money here that we now send to Uncle Sam, the idea of federated states might flourish once again resulting in unprecedented growth and freedom. 

This idea could result in a firestorm of local activity to separate in ever- increasing ways from the menace  and liablity our federal government has become.  Let’s hope it catches on.  Great job guys!

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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