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August 10, 2011


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The man in the White House is an idiot.  He has issued new fuel standards that vehicles (even existing ones) must meet.  Changes to these vehicles necessary to comply with the new fuel regulations will cost hundreds of dollars for some vehicles and thousands of dollars for others.  The idiot said that over the life of the vehicle this money will be saved many times over due to lower fuel consumption.

This above is true and is how I would have written it 15 years ago when I thought people in D.C. were stupid.  The political class in D.C. should not be given the benefit of the accusation of stupidity.  The political class in D.C. is no more than a criminal gang.  While most of the folks in the grim shake-down business of government didn’t start off as coercive advocates of the criminal activity they are involved in now, the vast majority quickly succumb to the various temptations D.C. offers.  There are exceptions.  Not many.  Probably not 10 men in the house/senate/white house in the last 25 years.

Here is how I would write it now:

The man in the White House has shown once again that he is bought and paid for.  The new fuel standards issued for new and existing vehicles will serve to direct money to the unions of the major car companies and the “green” groups that have no doubt geared up their aftermarket modifications in anticipation of this political pay off.  If indeed a company would save in fuel costs many times over what these mandatory new government standards will supposedly save, wouldn’t the business owner do this on their own without the coercion of the state?  Why would the state need to force businesses to do for themselves what was good for the businesses?  Answer:  if you answered because this is all lies and will not be good for these businesses you go to the head of the class.

The same holds for health care.  Remember how the thugs in D.C. told us that the  health care plan would save businesses and the country money?  Remember how we were all promised that this bill would reign in the deficit?  Read this.  The political class knows what they are doing.  All of the time and energy spent trying to educate our representatives so they will make an informed decision is wasted.  The decision made will be the one that makes them the most money and/or increases their power/position the most.  The criminal class in D.C. knows that national health care will be a disaster.  They know that there will be rationing.  They know that people will die in line.  They know that the care will be awful.  They knew that this bill would significantly contribute to unemployment.  They knew that more unemployed folks meant more folks dependent on Uncle Sam.  A larger constituency.  More votes.  More, secure power.  And don’t forget the countless opportunities for bribes.  Think folks will try to bribe their way to the front of the line so their child can have their heart surgery before they die waiting?  Extortion and bribery will be the rule all along the rationing lines.  The most sought after jobs will be those government positions where access to various government goodies can be sold and bribery is commonplace.  Think Mexico/Latin America type corruption where the bribery is open and assumed.  I maintain that this is what the political class wants for the rest of us.  They do not get to play stupid.  Don’t give them that.

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  1. There is a theory that people that recieve government assistance should not be allowed to vote…that only the people actually paying into the system should be allowed to vote. This might deter the government buying votes/voters. It makes you wonder if the government would be more selective with our cash flow. Probably not, but worth a thought.

    Comment by MR — August 11, 2011 @ 11:59 am

  2. I think the problem is that people receive “government assistance” in the first place. If the property of one individual is not up for grabs at an election this changes the whole nature of the culture. I think it was H.L. Mencken that referred to elections as an advanced auction on another’s property. I don’t necessarily agree that only property owners should vote. I believe that no one has a claim on anyone else’s property. The need for charity for the very poor and disabled will always be there but that has and should be in the realm of the responsibility of the churches I think.

    G. Keith Smith, M.D.

    Comment by surgerycenterok — August 12, 2011 @ 11:08 pm

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