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October 29, 2011

Hospital Administrators Blackjack the Sick (not making a profit, of course)

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Check this out.  More interesting than the 6.7 million paid to the head of Kaiser (this name always cracks me up as HMO’s were invented in pre-fascist Germany!) are the salaries on the 9th and 10th pages of this report.  Charge nurses are making in excess of $275,000.  Where did these “not for profit” hospitals get this money?  We have gone over this before.  Not sure what wine to recommend when reading this.  Maybe it should be a scotch.  Oh well.  Think they have overdone the cost-shifting thing a bit?  Think their price for a hernia repair would have to be higher than that at my facility?  Think their administrator has a closet full of suits nicer than anything I have? Think that the Kaiser administrator flies coach to his “meetings?”  Think the administrator of Kaiser is a libertarian and will vote for Ron Paul?  Sorry, I’ve made you sick, haven’t I?

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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