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November 20, 2011

Why Obamacare Will Stand

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Here’s a prediction:  the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold the constitutionality of the individual mandate requirement of Obamacare.  It is time to let your inner cynic out of the closet if what I have just written makes you feel defensive for that hallowed, “independent” branch of government.  Let me ask you this:  in what areas has the “Constitution” been used or cited to restrain the federal government in your lifetime?  Why do you think it will be any different this time?  I am reminded once again of Joe Sobran’s hilarious comment years ago, “..if the Iraquis need a constitution, let them have ours.  We’re not using it.”

You say,”It’s not constitutional to make me buy health insurance!”  ”They can’t make me buy something I don’t want!”  Really?  Don’t make me laugh.  Can you honestly say you support even 25% of what the federal government makes you buy?  Remember that the government has no money that they didn’t originally take from you by force.  Everything they buy, you are buying.  Do I need to make a list?

The court will rule that …ahem…”pertaining to the matter of everyone in the United States who has a rational ability to think for themselves versus the Affordable Care Act, the court finds the constitutional power inherent in a document which we never consult, rely on or seriously study (and under the Commerce clause of which anything and everything we do can be justified), requiring a citizen of the United States to purchase a federally qualified health insurance benefit package, is not materially different from that same federal power requiring that same citizen to contribute a portion of his/her earnings toward other federal programs from which they derive no direct benefit, and indeed, from which might even suffer,  such as abortions on demand,  criminal bailouts of favored cronies, undeclared wars for corporate benefit, gropings at the airport, concerts and theatre or frog habitats.”  Seriously, the real reason they will rule in favor of its constitutionality is that the fix is already in.  This is a political debate, not a debate about constitutionality, for all of the talk otherwise, and both parties benefit from a thumbs up ruling on the law. 

What?  The Democrat president would be destroyed if this law is annulled  and the court knows this and is not going to do this, for a number of reasons, primarily the backlash that would undoubtedly result from the executive branch toward the department of justice, in general.  There is no limit to what tyrants current and past will do (and have done) to maintain their power. Remember that this president is the first to openly assassinate a citizen without a trial.  The court doesn’t want to piss this guy off.  Ok.  Enough about the obvious.

This guy in the executive office and his national health care plan are the best things that have ever happened to the Republican party.  I doubt that there could be better fundraisers for them.  Make this law go away and the people relax and the political contributions dwindle.  What I think the Republicans would like is for the court to uphold the law, throwing it back to the Congress to deal with and they will repeal the law….piecemeal.  They won’t repeal the entire law as some remaining vestige of the law will serve as a useful threat for a possible resurgence once a partial repeal has taken place.  This kernel of left over  evil will serve to keep the money flowing.  I envision a repeal of some part, not the individual mandate, of course, as that is the real money maker.  More money would be needed to make that go away at a later date.

Too cynical for you?  I hope I’m wrong.  But think about this. How many legislators do you know who will put principle ahead of their political careers?  I know there are a few, but not enough to matter.  If trashing the nation’s health care makes them richer in D.C., which court decision would they support?  What do you think they’ll do?  Does what they always do provide a clue?  

I have said from the beginning of this debate that the individual states will have a shot at deciding whether this nightmare becomes a reality and whether we live in individual states in this country or just colonies as before.  We may be witness to that soon.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.




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