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December 26, 2011

Government Sycophant Journalist

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Lori Montgomery writing for the Washington Post proclaims that the rate of growth of Medicare spending has dropped.  At first she acts perplexed.   Then she figures it out!  Osamacare is working!    Medicare, thanks to Osamacare’s new regulations,  is not out of control, after all!    Government health care works!   But where is the true explanation for this drop in the growth of this program?  How about this:  Medicare patients are having more and more difficulty getting care as physicians in increasing numbers are either refusing to see Medicare patients or are drastically limiting their exposure to Medicare patients.  That this rationing is not even considered as an explanation in her long article for this “drop in the rate of growth of spending,” is indicative of how out of touch the big media folks are with the real medical world.  The only other explanation is that Lori Montgomery, like many others, is part of a huge propaganda machine.  Wonder which it is?

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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