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January 20, 2012

SOPA and Mao Tse Tung

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I think there are several different ways to look at the SOPA legislation.  You could believe that it is simply delivering on a promise to the TV/music/movie industry, having accepted bribes (campaign contributions) from them.  I would certainly be in that camp with you if you believed that.  You could believe that the sponsors of this bill are actually concerned about intellectual property rights and believe that this legislation is a proper role for government in that confiscation of property is involved.  I would probably not be in that camp with you if that is what you believe.  Here’s why.  The concept of intellectual property and whether it actually is property, has been and is fiercely debated.  I doubt that our wonderful leaders in D.C. are up on the latest in this struggle amongst intellectual giants.  Note, too, that leading the pack attacking this bill are those who would benefit most from the extreme protection of intellectual property:  those in the software/computer/online industry.  I find that interesting.  Inconsistencies like this make me wonder what is really behind a bill like this.

That brings me to my point.  Is there something hidden, some hidden purpose behind a bill like this?  One doesn’t have to be a paranoid schizophrenic to ask this question.  Many times, I think, there are anonymous “ghosts” who benefit from bills like this.  ”Let’s tell everyone that we need this to fight terrorism so they won’t know what it’s about.”  ”Let’s tell them that it’s for the children so no one can politically stomach questioning this bill.”  You get the idea.  You think this hasn’t happened?  Really?

Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Rothbard, once again.  I would encourage you to mash all legislative initiatives through this filter.  When the answer emerges, I think we have a better idea of why we get the laws we have.

Who benefits from Mao Tse Tung-like control of the internet here in the USA?  Do you ever have these thoughts, that powerful men are corrupted by their desire for even more power and would do anything to get it?

Who benefits from all of our medical records being in a digital database?’ve heard how safety will be promoted if any emergency room on the planet instantly knows your meds and allergies and medical history, haven’t you?  Or is there something else driving this?  When medical rationing begins none of this information will be used to cull out the “too expensive to treat” group, will it?  Do you ever have these thoughts?

I think that SOPA is a window into the world none of the really powerful wants us to ever see.  This is incredibly heavy-handed martial law, police state kind of stuff.  I think more  people will begin having these skeptical, cynical thoughts as time goes by and as more of this kind of swill raises its head.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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