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January 20, 2012

Opinion is not fact: Fear of Dr. Fears

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I have never met Rufus Fears.  I know several people that have attended his classes at the University of Oklahoma.  He has been held up as a credible scholar by the people at OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) for some time now.  He is a champion of limited government and regularly makes the case for scaling it back to one like this country’s founders intended.  His historical and philosophical justification for this is compelling and I would argue is libertarian or Jeffersonian.

Sometimes you can confirm what you think you know about someone by examining what their enemies say about them.  The gonorrhea socialist (I have described this condition in a prior blog) Richard Wells attacked Dr. Fears in our local paper today with a vicious letter to the editor.  His letter is the typical angry and vacuous rant of a crybaby socialist.  ”It’s not fair,” is screaming from the page!   The last jab at Dr. Fears is a long paragraph that says nothing but attempts to poke him in the eye at the very end…pathetic. It is safe to say this man has never read Bastiat.

I quote Mr. Wells from his letter:  ”Aside from the fact that this is the same House of Representatives that’s overspent, Fears’(sic) solution of ‘cut government spending, cut it again and then cut it some more’ ignores the fact that a considerable body of opinion recognizes that a solution to our very real fiscal woes must depend on more than simply cutting spending.  Many argue it must be a combination of reduced spending, increased revenue, finding more efficiencies in programs that are specifically costly and developing new skills in a changing labor force.”

Now keep in mind that Mr. Wells (it’s actually Dr. Wells, David Ross Boyd Professor of Political Science-Emeritus at O.U.) has a Ph.D.  He’s supposed to be a logical, rational guy.  You know, use his head.  Facts and figures kind of stuff.  He is talking about the economy.  What does he say?  He says that Dr. Fears has ignored the fact that a considerable body of opinion…..WHAT?  Later…“Many argue....”….WHAT?  That is the basis for his disagreement with Dr. Fears?  Really?  I’m laughing right now!  What kind of teacher was this guy?  I’m guessing that he has some prior beef with Dr. Fears.  Perhaps few attended his classes while Dr. Fears’ classes were standing room only.  The next time I am discussing the efficacy of a drug used in anesthesia, I will say, “..a large body of opinion has it that this drug is great,” and see what the other side says next!  ”Many argue that this drug is safe.”  Convinced, aren’t you?!

I look forward to meeting Dr. Fears some day and maybe even calling him a friend if men like Mr. Wells are his enemies.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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