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January 25, 2012


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This article is worth reading.  The author is partly right, but mostly wrong.  Basically, the author busts Romney on the fact that Romneycare is the same as Obamacare.  Ouch.  The only thing worse for Romney is his pathetic attempt to convince everyone otherwise.

I would like for you to notice something in Romney’s remarks and continue to look for it in all of the articles on health care that you see.  Notice how the focus has changed from the cost of care to making sure that everyone has coverage.  In the beginning of the “health care debate,” the focus was on the high cost of health care.  The focus now is clearly on “making sure that everyone has insurance.”

Pardon me for returning once again to Murray Rothbard.  Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Put on your cynical hat for a moment and think about it.  I think one clue to the answer is to look back at those who lobbied hard for Obamacare and Romneycare.  The American Hospital Association and the medical corporate giants pushed hard for this because with everyone forced to buy/carry insurance, hospitals will be paid for any and everything they charge/offer.  The insurance industry was supportive because everyone will be required to buy/carry their product.  The worst nightmare for this cartel is for price transparency to rear its head and result in  a price war.  Healthcare price deflation would take a lot of wind out the foul bag fueling the cause for universal coverage.  Imagine if the price of care was actually affordable.  There wouldn’t such a pressing need for insurance coverage.  Ouch.

We have been delivering affordable care at the prices listed on our website for four years now.  Our pricing has been used by patients to leverage area hospitals to lower their prices.  Our pricing has allowed Canadians abandoned by their government system to obtain care.  Our approach has been consistent with free market principles unlike the approaches raining down from these corporate shills.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

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